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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Contest Anyone?

Mini Painting Contest (you can find the video explaining this on my youtube. www.youtube.com/user/Catfishballer55)

1. It must be a Video Response.
2. Must be done by October 15.
3. Must subscribe to ‘CatfishBaller55’
4. Must follow blog http://www.warhammer40kwithcatfish.blogspot.com/
5. Video name must include “Entry to:” or “Re:”
Example. ‘Entry to: CatfishBaller55 Paint Contest, My Space Marine!’
6. Video of the model must be made after this video.
7. Cannot be a model previously finished.
8. Allowed one entry.


This will be done by me.
I will not favor any model over another.

How it will work

Catfish points

Up to 5 on Neatness

Up to 5 on Highlights and or Blending

Up to 5 on Depths

Up to 5 on Detail work

Up to 5 on individuality or Creativity

Bonus Catfish Points:

Base Quality up to 3

Conversion work up to 2

Adding CatfishBaller55 to your Videos Comments or Title up to 1.


1st place: Home- made basing/terrain kit. And 1 video Shout out.

Kit includes

North Carolina Beach sand. (Fine)

Woodland Scenic Trees (5)

Woodland scenic dark green foliage.

Woodland Scenic mixed bushes, light green and dark green.

Woodland Scenic Coarse Light Green Turf.

Pink Insulation foam slate, large chunks and small chunks.

5 regular GW bases and 5 Resin bases.

Runner up:

A Large Shout out. And There Choice of what they what to see in a Video. (Like if he had won a Subscriber Appreciation.)

3rd Place: A video shout out.

Everyone else:
Gets a small shout out. (There Username and what they entered)


Failure to comply with the Subscription, and Following

Faliure to comply with the Written Instruction (1 warning to change it)

Late Due Date.

Thanks Guys! be sure to read it again if you choose to participate!


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