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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sculpting Photos!

'Typhus' Sculpting Photos!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I know it has BEEN FOREVER. But believe it or not, I have been away from the hobby for about 2 years now. I have decided that I am just going to picking up where I left off. I sold alot of my stuff, but I still have my whole Nurgle army. I plan to start playing games again next weekend, and I will paint when I have spare time.

I will make update videos on my channel every week or so,

I will also blog every weak or so.

I have a TON to catch up on. Not only video wize, but also with all the army changes and GamesWorkshop changes they have made over the last year.

Thanks for sticking with me thoughout the 'Dark Days' haha.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Miniwargaming Shipment!

Thanks right! The name says it all. I got a big load of 40k goodies in from MWG during there latest sale.

This is what it includes:

Master's Brush Cleaner

50 Magnets


14 day Free Membership Pass

Necron yellow tube

Necron Warriors?!?!?!

I will have more on those necrons later.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Deep Strike Mishaps can Change the Game!

I was at my Local GW on Tuesday, playing a 1000 point game with a buddy of mine.

Chaos (Mixed Legions) vs. Chaos (NURGLE!!!) That's me! :D

Seize Ground, and Spearhead style

Our 2 bases were in opposite corners of each other.

I get first turn, but pass it to him.

(Plan: hold my objective tightly, Possessed w/ Sorcerer to bait and pull him towards my end of the table. Then 3 Oblits come down hard and close to his objective and rip his tac. Squad up.

Deployment: He deploys everything, 4 bikes up front along with a Dreadnought. A tactical squad in back corner, and a tac. squad w/ Fabius Bile in the middle of the clustered Deployment.

My deployment: 5 Possessed with Sorcerer deployed at the top of my Spearhead, Hidden in a Building. 2 Plague Marine squads in reserve, along with a Rhino, and 3 Oblits in Deep Strike.

First turn:
He advances his bikes 24" up, dead center of the board. Dread moves up 6" Fabius Bile and Tac. Squad move in to flank. The other tac. squad stays on his objective. He can't shoot anything because he can't see my single unit.

My first turn: Possessed w/ Sorcerer jump-pack out of there building to be face to face with the Bikers. Sorcerer uses 'wind of chaos' to take out 2 bikes. That's when the group charges in to take out the other 2 bikes like that. Consalidation 4 inches into a Crater.

Turn 2: He advances everything except for the objective holders. I get rapid fired by a Tac. squad and Fabius. and he takes out 2 Possessed. Dreadnought fires Lascannon and takes out 1 Possessed. Dread Charges the remaining group and wipes out the possessed and 1 wound on my Sorcerer.

My turn 2: Evrything comes in except for oblits (that's the plan). Plague Marines and Rhino sit on Objective. (Hes never going to get my objective) Sorcerer and Dread, still in combat.

Turn 3:
He pushes the Fabius group in cover. Dread and Sorcerer still in combat. his other tac. squad not movin'.

My turn 3: I spank the Dread and glance it to death. 4 Glance rolls!!! Consolidate towards Fabius. Plague Marines sit on Objective.

Turn 4:
He Pushes Fabius's group up and Rapid Fires my Sorcerer. He kills him.

My turn 4: Oblits Come in! I place them in a RISKY spot. (trying to pull a Fritz Deep Strike :D )
Direct hit or mishap...the roll!......Scatter. After that I think to myself what an idiot!!! I had a Ton of open space in Front of his Squad. But I got greedy and went for the close spot. I roll the Mishap die....he gets to place my anywhere he wants. Of corse he places me far Enough away to not even get in a lascannon shot. (48" if your wondering). I am a IDIOT!

Turn 5: He shoots my oblits wiht fabius and his possy. 1 wound inflicted. He charges me, and does nothing.I attack back and wipe out 1/3 of the squad.

My turn Five: I wipe out the rest of the squad and bring fabius down to 1 wound. He Attacks back and kill an oblit.

Game ends Turn 6....Tie game

I FOR SURE would have won if I didn't get Greedy with the Deep Strike.

Lesson of the day: be safe with Deep Strikes or you'll THROW AWAY THE GAME!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Deathwing Teaser!

I plan on doing a Deathwing army after my Deathgaurd are fully finished. That army will include...NO LANDRADIERS!!! Some of you guys are probably saying "Come on Catfish, Land Radiers are the Deathwing's 'Ace in the hole'." My Answer, "Well you right and your wrong." Don't read me the wrong way thinking I hate Land Raiders or something. (Well maybe I dislike them a little, Because they Blew my Blood Angels up so much. :D ) I just don't think they are needed in the style of play I am going for. I mean why have landraiders, when you can have 2 Dreadnoughts with almost the same amount of firepower, (If equipped correctly.) for a little over the price of one LR.


Land Radier: 1 Storm Bolter, 2 twin-linked Lascannons. Points, about 250

2 Dreadnoughts total Fire Power, 2 missle lanchers, 1 Twin-Linked Lascannon, 1 twin-linked autocannon, and 2 storm bolters. Points exaclty 290.

Another Comment some of you might have thought of is "Well Catfish, you do know LR's hold Terminators."

My Answer, "holding them is not needed, when you can give a few squads a Deep Strike on the first turn! A Deathwing Assualt is what it is called."

I hope you understand what I am thinking,


Sunday, September 6, 2009

1000 Point Tourney List


Plague Marines (x7) Flamer-Meltagun-Powerfist-Champion-(216)

Plague Marines (x7) Flamer-Meltagun-Power Weapon-Champion (206)


Rhino-Twin-Linked bolter-(35)


5 Possessed- (130)

Heavy Support

Obliteratiors x3 (225)


Sorcerer-Mark of Nurgle-Jump Pack-Nurgle's Rot-Wind of Chaos-Melta Bombs (185)

Big thanks to 'SolidSmurf' for "Legalizing" my list! :D

Total points in list (997)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Contest Anyone?

Mini Painting Contest (you can find the video explaining this on my youtube. www.youtube.com/user/Catfishballer55)

1. It must be a Video Response.
2. Must be done by October 15.
3. Must subscribe to ‘CatfishBaller55’
4. Must follow blog http://www.warhammer40kwithcatfish.blogspot.com/
5. Video name must include “Entry to:” or “Re:”
Example. ‘Entry to: CatfishBaller55 Paint Contest, My Space Marine!’
6. Video of the model must be made after this video.
7. Cannot be a model previously finished.
8. Allowed one entry.


This will be done by me.
I will not favor any model over another.

How it will work

Catfish points

Up to 5 on Neatness

Up to 5 on Highlights and or Blending

Up to 5 on Depths

Up to 5 on Detail work

Up to 5 on individuality or Creativity

Bonus Catfish Points:

Base Quality up to 3

Conversion work up to 2

Adding CatfishBaller55 to your Videos Comments or Title up to 1.


1st place: Home- made basing/terrain kit. And 1 video Shout out.

Kit includes

North Carolina Beach sand. (Fine)

Woodland Scenic Trees (5)

Woodland scenic dark green foliage.

Woodland Scenic mixed bushes, light green and dark green.

Woodland Scenic Coarse Light Green Turf.

Pink Insulation foam slate, large chunks and small chunks.

5 regular GW bases and 5 Resin bases.

Runner up:

A Large Shout out. And There Choice of what they what to see in a Video. (Like if he had won a Subscriber Appreciation.)

3rd Place: A video shout out.

Everyone else:
Gets a small shout out. (There Username and what they entered)


Failure to comply with the Subscription, and Following

Faliure to comply with the Written Instruction (1 warning to change it)

Late Due Date.

Thanks Guys! be sure to read it again if you choose to participate!