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Monday, September 7, 2009

Deathwing Teaser!

I plan on doing a Deathwing army after my Deathgaurd are fully finished. That army will include...NO LANDRADIERS!!! Some of you guys are probably saying "Come on Catfish, Land Radiers are the Deathwing's 'Ace in the hole'." My Answer, "Well you right and your wrong." Don't read me the wrong way thinking I hate Land Raiders or something. (Well maybe I dislike them a little, Because they Blew my Blood Angels up so much. :D ) I just don't think they are needed in the style of play I am going for. I mean why have landraiders, when you can have 2 Dreadnoughts with almost the same amount of firepower, (If equipped correctly.) for a little over the price of one LR.


Land Radier: 1 Storm Bolter, 2 twin-linked Lascannons. Points, about 250

2 Dreadnoughts total Fire Power, 2 missle lanchers, 1 Twin-Linked Lascannon, 1 twin-linked autocannon, and 2 storm bolters. Points exaclty 290.

Another Comment some of you might have thought of is "Well Catfish, you do know LR's hold Terminators."

My Answer, "holding them is not needed, when you can give a few squads a Deep Strike on the first turn! A Deathwing Assualt is what it is called."

I hope you understand what I am thinking,


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  1. IMO shooty dreads suck ^^ (have bad history with them)
    If you are going for dreads i would make them venerable and in Droppods. That way you can hold your whole army in reserv let your opponent go 1st and then come down with half your force in an unsuspected place to shoot him down.

    Maybe trick the list out 3x shooty dreads,3x shooty termi squads or 1 dread 5 termi squads

    It can work & porbably is fun.
    But watch that mishap! It can ruin your game. ;)